Reversible Thermally Responsive Separator for Lithium Ion Battery 

The high-energy density demand of consumers, has led to a huge development in the Lithium-ion Batteries, which have evolved since its inception in the later half of the 20th century. Battery manufacturers are constantly trying to increase the energy density by packing more active material in the cell and reducing the thickness of the electrodes and separators. These methods have led to an increasing concern over the battery safety due to the inherent safety of the Lithium metal.

One of the primary safety hazard for a Lithium-ion battery is the problem of Thermal Runaway, in which an increasing reaction rate with increasing temperature leads to a cyclic process resulting in catastrophic failure of the battery.

Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a Reversible Thermally Responsive Separator which tackles the problem of thermal runaway, while acting as a permeable membrane between the electrodes to avoid short-circuiting. And all this REVERSIBLY!


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